The game is divided into five Zones, each having three levels and a boss fight. Every Zone can be directly accessed from the Lobby (if unlocked). Each Zone gets progressively harder, with more enemy spawns, which tend to have higher health and deal more damage. Progressing through the game will unlock Achievements.

Wall zone1 Zone 1Edit

Zone 1 is cave-themed. Rooms are small and generally connected through narrow passageways. Most of these passageways have doors. The hazard of this Zone is water.

Tiles: Floor floorFloor waterWall dirtWall dirt diamondCracked wallWall stoneCracked wall stoneWall catacombCracked wall catacombTilesPortalCracked wall shopWall borderDoorMetaldoor
Traps: TrapdoorBouncetrapSpeeduptrapSlowdowntrapSpiketrapBombtrap
Monsters: BatBat redBat green ...

Wall zone2 Zone 2Edit

Zone 2 is jungle-cave themed. Passageways between rooms are usually wider and there are fewer doors separating them. Hidden rooms in this Zone will often contain bombs as well as enemies. The hazard of this Zone is tar.

Tiles: Floor floor2Floor waterFloor tarWall zone2bWall dirt zone2 diamond1Zone2 wall dirt crackZone2 wall stoneZone2 wall stone crackWall catacombCracked wall catacombTilesPortalCracked wall shopWall borderDoorMetaldoor
Traps: TrapdoorBouncetrapSpeeduptrapSlowdowntrapSpiketrapBombtrap
Monsters: ArmadilloArmadillo yellowArmoredskeleton...

Wall zone3 Zone 3Edit

The theme of Zone 3 is ice and fire. Zone 3 varies greatly from the previous two Zones as the levels take place in an open cave - as opposed to rooms connected with passageways - and several new hazards are introduced, the most notable being hot coal and ice.

Tiles: Zone3 floorFloor hotcoalZone3 floorBFloor iceZone3 wall dirt hotZone3 wall dirt coldWall dirt zone3HOT diamond1Wall dirt zone3cold diamond1Zone3 wall dirt hot crackZone3 wall dirt cold crackZone3 wall stone hotZone3 wall stone coldZone3 wall stone hot crackedZone3 wall stone cold crackedWall catacombCracked wall catacombTilesPortalCracked wall shopWall border
Traps: TrapdoorBouncetrapSpeeduptrapSlowdowntrapSpiketrapBombtrapConfusetrapTeleporttrap
Monsters: Cauldron coalsCauldron iceShovemonster ...

Wall zone4 Zone 4Edit

Zone 4 is dungeon-themed. All rooms vary in the size of their squares and are secluded from one another. Digging up a dirt wall or stone wall digs adjacent dirt and stone walls too (if the player has the appropriate shovel). The main hazard of this zone is Ooze. If the player has no shovel at all when you enter the floor, four goblin sentries will spawn in the room with you, which will run away and break walls for you. In Amplified edition, you can dig zone 4 dirt walls without a shovel, so goblin sentries don't spawn at the start in that situation.

Traps: TrapdoorBouncetrapSpeeduptrapSlowdowntrapSpiketrapBombtrapConfusetrapTeleporttrap
Monsters: Black BatGhoulGoblin Sentry ...

Wall zone5 Zone 5Edit

Zone 5 is electric-themed. Electric wires run throughout each floor. Dirt walls pop back up two or more beats after being dug using a shovel with exactly 1 digging power, when there is nothing in the way.

Traps: TrapdoorBouncetrapSpeeduptrapSlowdowntrapSpiketrapBombtrapConfusetrapTeleporttrapScattertrap

Wall zone boss Boss LevelEdit

Boss Levels spawn after the third level of each Zone. In any mode other than a single zone or dance pad mode, defeating the boss will take the player into the next Zone of the game.

Most zones have exactly one boss level. King Conga, Deep Blues, Death Metal, Coral Riff, and Amplified dlcFortissimole will each appear in one of the boss levels, in a random order. When playing as Cadence, Melody, Aria, or Amplified dlcNocturna, who have special final bosses, that boss or bosses will appear in Amplified dlc zone 5 or Nodlc zone 4 (or zone 1 instead for Aria), replacing one of the common bosses.

Tiles: Boss floorFloor waterBoss wallDoor
Traps: BouncetrapSpeeduptrapSpiketrapConfusetrap
Monsters: King congaDeath metalDeep blueCoral RiffDead Ringer ...