Tiles make up the basic layout of the Crypt of the NecroDancer. They come in two types: floor tiles that the player can stand on, and wall tiles that provide an obstacle to movement. Most tiles do not have any special properties, with the exception of hazardous floor tiles (water, tar, hot coals, ice, ooze) and cracked wall tiles (which reveal a special shop portal upon destruction). Tiles can hold traps, bombs, items, walls, enemies, and the player. Tiles can also be changed in a variety of ways (e.g., digging up walls, destroying traps, enemy abilities, etc.).

Name Tile Effect
Basic Floor Tiles
Boss floor
Floor floor2
Zone3 floor
Floor floor
Basic floor tiles can have multiple appearances, but do not have any special properties.
Floor water
A hazard found in Zone 1. The water tile disappears after interaction and affects the player and most enemies. Large enemies and flying enemies, such as bats are not affected. Can be frozen with some spells or Frost Charm. Using a bomb or a Fireball Spell on these tiles will destroy them. Crates, Barrels, and Urns cannot escape from these tiles.
Floor tar
A hazard found in Zone 2. The tar tile traps the player or an enemy for one beat and does not disappear after interaction. Affects most enemies. Large enemies such as minibosses and flying enemies such as bats are not affected. May contain a Tar Monster. Can be frozen with a Freeze Spell or a Frost Charm.
Hot Coals
Floor hotcoal
A hazard found in Zone 3. Damages the player for one heart if they don't jump off after one beat. Can be destroyed with a Freeze Spell or a Frost Charm.
Floor ice
A hazard found in Zone 3. Causes the player to slide in the direction they stepped onto the tile. Attempting to move while sliding will break the player's Groove Chain. Using a bomb or a Fireball Spell will turn these tiles into water.
Floor ooze
A hazard found in Zone 4. Shrinks the player, making them unable to attack or dig, and doubles the damage dealt to the player. Footwear, such as the winged boots, explorer's boots, and lead boots prevent these effects. Unlike other floor hazards, it cannot be removed or transformed.
Conduit Amplified dlc
A hazard found in Zone 5 that overlays atop regular tiles. While standing on a conduit, any attack that strikes an enemy will automatically chain electricity to all nearby enemies, dealing damage to them all.
Wall Tiles
Zone2 wall stone
Zone3 wall dirt hot
Zone3 wall stone hot
Zone3 wall stone cold
Zone3 wall dirt cold
Boss wall
Wall zone1
Wall zone2
Wall zone2b
Wall dirt diamond
Wall zone boss
Wall catacomb
Wall dirt
Wall stone
Wall tiles have various appearances and properties depending on the zone. Wall tiles provide an obstacle to both the player and enemies, but can be destroyed. See the Tools page for information on which shovel can destroy which wall tile.
Cracked Wall Tiles
Zone2 wall stone crack
Zone3 wall dirt cold crack
Zone3 wall stone hot cracked
Zone3 wall stone cold cracked
Zone3 wall dirt hot crack
Zone2 wall dirt crack
Cracked wall shop
Cracked wall catacomb
Cracked wall tiles behave the same as regular wall tiles, but always reveal a special Shop Portal upon destruction, as long as it was cracked from the start of the level.
Rising Tile Amplified dlc


Rising floor
Starts out as a normal floor tile. Once the player has stepped on it, it rises into a stone wall tile as soon as it is empty. Monsters will not trigger it rising, though they will delay it rising if they step on to it the same beat the player steps off.