Amplified dlc Tempo
Bestiary tempo
Character Information
Starting Health HeartHeartHeart
Starting Weapon Blood Dagger thumbnailBlood Dagger
Starting Item(s) Tool shovelShovel
Tool torchTorch
Tool compassCompass
Unlocking N/A
Music Danny B

Tempo is an entity from inside the crypt.

Rules and Restrictions Edit

Tempo starts runs with a shovel, a blood dagger, a torch, and a compass.

All of his attacks have infinite damage; every monster hit will die instantly regardless of health. However, Tempo is limited by a timer starting at 16, ticking down every beat. If the timer reaches 0 and Tempo cannot reset it, he will die due to his curse. The timer is reset by any of the following conditions:

  • Killing an enemy
  • Eating any food
  • Purchasing or picking up an item for the first time (Throwing or swapping an item and picking it back up will NOT count)
  • Opening any chest (Handy for Boss rooms)
  • Reaching the next level

In order to help him overcome his curse, Tempo has a permanent telepathy effect akin to Nocturna's bat form or having a Circlet. Tempo can also find enemies from all Zones which have a chance to replace enemies of the current zone, although not all enemies will spawn everywhere (for example, Lightning Mages will not spawn in Zone 1). In addition, exit rooms will spawn an additional Mini-boss.

Strategy Edit

  • If you see a place where you want to return, don't kill all monsters near that place.
  • Zone 1 is arguably the hardest zone for Tempo, as he is fighting strong enemies from the start and a lot of enemies can kill or stall him in the 1-tile-wide tunnels (Spiders and Blademasters for example). Later zones' enemies are not much harder, but Tempo will have acquired gear (especially a better Shovel) and level layouts are much more open, facilitating combat against protected enemies.

Items Edit

  • Damage-increasing items are useless for Tempo. They are still worth taking if you have nothing else, though, because they can be transmuted at the transmogrifier secret shop.

Combat Edit

  • If Tempo is carrying a dagger or other throwable object, it is advised to throw it in the direction of a possible enemy as a last resort (when the timer reaches 1). If it hits something, his curse will be reset, allowing the player to retrieve it and continue.
  • While Tempo's damage is infinite, enemies can still block attacks; having a piercing damage source will make Tempo really unstoppable.

Trivia Edit

  • Tempo seems to be created by The Conductor.
  • Tempo is the Italian word for "Time", which refers to Tempo's timer curse and is emphatized by the clock he has on his chest.
    • "Tempo" is also the term used to refer to the speed of a song.

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