Bestiary tempo
Character Information
Starting Health 3 Hearts
Starting Weapon Blood Dagger
Starting Item(s) Torch


Unlocking N/A
Music Danny B

Tempo is an entity from inside the crypt.

Rules and Restrictions Edit

Tempo starts runs with a shovel, a blood dagger, a torch, and a compass.

All of his attacks have infinite damage; every monster hit will die instantly regardless of health. However, Tempo is limited to 16 beats per step, the beats reset when he kills an enemy. When the timer reaches 0, Tempo will die due to his curse.

Strategy Edit


Items Edit


Combat Edit

  • If Tempo is carrying a dagger or other throwable object, it is advised to throw it in the direction of a possible enemy as a last resort. If it hits something, his curse will be reset, allowing the player to retrieve it and continue.

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