Spells are equipped in the two spell slots, located on the right of the screen. They are bound to the Up+Right and Down+Right keys.

Upon using a spell, you cannot use it again until you have killed the required number of enemies to refresh the spell. The number of kills remaining is displayed over the spell's slot. Killing enemies with the spell count towards the number of kills. Enemies that stand on spike traps or get killed via other enemies also count.

Having a Ring manaRing of Mana will allow the player to cast the "Greater" version of the spell and also reduces spell cooldowns by 4 times (Amplified dlc twice). The Ring wonderRing of Wonder will reduce cooldowns by 4 times, but will not cast the "Greater" versions of spells.

Using a spell during its cooldown will hurt the player but still cast the spell. This is known as "Blood Magic". Using blood magic resets the cooldown counter. Blood magic used after taking the stairs does not damage the player, although the cooldown counter is still reset, which can be used for a free half heart from the heal spell [1].

Spells can be found in chests or purchased from shops.

Spell Range Refresh Blood magic cost Effect
Spell fireball
Horizontally up to the first wall in both directions. 10 enemies
Heart half
Flames shoot horizontally from the left and right of the player, dealing 3 normal damage to all enemies it contacts. Blocked by shields.

Turns ice into water and removes water on affected tiles.

Greater: The fireball instead deals 8 normal damage.

Spell freeze enemies
An approximate circle with 5 tile radius from the player. 15 enemies
Freezes monsters in a circle with 5 tile radius, making them unable to move or attack. The effect lasts for 8 beats.

Turns water and tar into ice and removes hot coals on affected tiles.

Greater: The spell has an infinite radius and lasts for 16 beats.

Tar monsters, blademasters, and all mimics become vulnerable to normal damage while frozen. Rolling armadillos, shelled beetles and buried moles are still protected from normal damage while frozen.

When freezing a monster that is already frozen, the original freeze duration is extended by the duration of the new effect.

Spell heal
The player. 15 enemies
Heals the player for 0.5 Heart half health. Makes the player invincible for the beat it is cast.

Greater:Amplified dlc It instead heals the player for 1 Heart health.

When cast with blood magic, the heal is applied before the blood magic cost.

Spell bomb
The tile the player is standing on. 25 enemies
HeartHeart half
The player summons and places a bomb. The effect is the same as using a consumable bomb: after 3 beats, it explodes in a 3x3 area, dealing 4 normal damage to monsters and destroying walls.

Greater:Amplified dlc Summoned bombs instead deal 999 normal damage.

Spell shield
The player. 20 enemies
The player becomes invincible for 8 beats.

Greater: The spell instead lasts for 20 beats.

The player still takes self-inflicted damage and damage from Blood Shops.

Spell transmute
3x3 area centered on the player. 20 enemies
Transforms items on the ground adjacent to the player into other random items.

Greater: The spell will transmute all items on the ground within the current level.

Does not affect gold piles.

Shop items don't change prices.

After the item pools have been emptied, any further items transmuted will be destroyed instead.

Spell earth
Earth Amplified dlc
3x3 area centered on the player. 10 enemies
Heart half
All empty tiles surrounding the player is filled with dirt walls.

Monsters, crates, barrels and Teh Urn are knocked away from the player unless there is something in the way. Otherwise, it is instantly destroyed. This is especially useful for quickly killing bosses.

Greater: The spell will fill a 5x5 area centered on the player with dirt walls.

Items and gold piles that are trapped in dirt tiles can be collected by digging the tile.

Pulse Amplified dlc
5x5 diagonal cross centered on the player 10 enemies
Heart half
A 5x5 diagonal cross shoots from the player, dealing 5 normal damage to all enemies it contacts.

Greater: The spell instead deals 10 normal damage.

Spell transform
Transform Amplified dlc
The player. No recharge. N/A Transforms the player into a bat.

When in bat form, the player becomes immune to all traps and floor hazards, is able to see all monsters and NPCs, and gains a dagger-range attack that deals 4 normal damage and heals the player for 0.5 Heart half health after 5 kills.

When in bat form, the player cannot dig but does not lose gold multiplier when bumping into walls.

Any carried items cannot be used while in bat form. Spells can still be cast.

The player takes 0.5 Heart half hearts of damage when transforming back into human form.

This spell is unique to Nocturna. It cannot be dropped, nor can it be obtained by other characters under any circumstances.

This spell does not have a "Greater" version.

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