Rings are items that are equipped in the "Ring" slot. The player can only equip one ring at a time; picking up a new ring drops their current one.

Ring Effect
Reduces prices by 50% at all shops.
Nodlc Increases attack damage by 1.

When killing an enemy with a weapon, it moves the player 1 tile forward in that direction and gives invincibility for that beat.

Killed enemies drop 1 additional gold (is not affected by the Groove Chain multiplier).

Automatically picks up all gold on the level every time the player moves, even where they do not have vision (it does not affect the gold hidden in crates, barrels and walls).

Nodlc When entering new floors, increases the floor's item tier by 2, increasing the chance of finding higher-tiered items in containers and shops.

Bats will only attack the player if they have no other tile to move to.

Guarantees an item while using the Shrine of Chance.

Amplified dlc When entering new floors, barrels and crates with food, bombs and gold piles contain the best version of it (NecrodancerFoodFood becomes Food hamHam, Consumables bombBomb becomes Bomb 33 Bombs and gold piles become 50 gold piles). Barrels and crates can no longer contain enemies.

Reduces the number of kills required to refresh spells by 4 times (Amplified dlc twice).

Increases the power of most spells to their "Greater" forms.

Increases attack damage by 1.
Provides 1 additional heart container as long as equipped.

Decreases the number of enemies per room by 1.

Causes mini-bosses to spawn as their weakest variant (e.g. the Blue Dragon into the Green Dragon).

Makes items at shops free of charge while equipped.

Sets the light radius to 2 tiles but allows the player to see through walls (as with torches).

The player's torch does not increase this light radius.

Wall torches (or "wall mushrooms" in Zone 2) do not provide light.

All enemies, NPCs, items, containers, traps and gold appear as silhouettes.

Increases attack damage by 1.

Enemies get knocked back 1 tile upon getting hit, skipping a beat of movement. Does not stack with the Weapon flailFlail.

Causes minibosses to spawn as their strongest variant (e.g. a Blue Banshee becomes a Green Banshee).

Even though the hint text suggests that it will spawn more enemies, it does not spawn more enemies in All-Zones Mode. Otherwise, it increases the number of enemies per room by 1.

Allows the player to move through walls.

Amplified dlc Can only be accessed in the level editor.

Restores 1 Heart health upon entering the next level.
Provides 0.5 armor rating.
Prevents all damage from one hit, then breaks.

Upon breaking, it casts Greater Spell shieldShield, making the player invincible for 20 beats.

The player dies instantly upon taking damage.

Turns into the Ring wonderRing of Wonder when transmuted.

Increases attack damage by 2.

Provides 0.5 armor rating.

Nodlc Killed enemies drop 2 additional gold (is not affected by the Groove Chain multiplier).

Provides 1 additional heart container as long as equipped (Nodlc It's always refilled upon picking up).

Restores 1 Heart health upon entering the next level.

Reduces prices by 50% at all shops.

Reduces the number of kills required to refresh spells by 4 times.

Ring frost
Ring of Frost Amplified dlc
Attacking an enemy will freeze it for 4 beats. Attacks deal 999 damage to frozen enemies. The frost damage only applies if the enemy would have taken damage anyway, so Dead Ringer does not take any damage when frozen.
Ring piercing
Ring of Piercing Amplified dlc
Attacks that would deal normal damage instead deal piercing damage.
Ring pain
Ring of Pain Amplified dlc
Every time the player attacks, it deals 1 piercing damage to all enemies adjacent to the player.

Deals 0.5 Heart half heart of damage to the player when picked up.

Ring of Uncertainty
Ring of Uncertainty Amplified dlc
Will duplicate the effect of another ring. Its appearance does not change.

It can become Ring charismaRing of Charisma, Ring courageRing of Courage, Ring goldRing of Gold, Ring mightRing of Might, Ring of Peace thumbnailRing of Peace, Ring of War thumbnailRing of War, Ring emeraldRing of Regeneration or Ring frostRing of Frost.

If the player is Monk or Coda, it cannot become Courage or Gold.

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