Ring of Shielding prevents damage to the player for one hit, breaking and casting a Greater Shield spell in the process, which prevents incoming damage for 20 beats.

Notable Interactions Edit

  • Glass Equipments - The damage prevention effect saves glass weapons, shovel, torch, jaw and Amplified dlc slippers from breaking to an enemy attack.
  • Charm frostFrost Charm / Crown of teleportationCrown of Teleportation / Armor glassGlass Armor / Amplified dlc Armor heavy glassHeavy Glass Armor - Ring of Shielding will trigger BEFORE any of these items, protecting them from breaking for the entire duration of the shield spell.

Strategy Edit

Ring of Shielding is best used as a safety net for high-risk high-reward builds, such as glass-oriented builds, or a player low on health. This makes it a pretty weak option in score runs, but fairly strong for proper survival and speed-oriented builds.

Due to a bug, if broken right before transitioning into the second song during Cadence's NecroDancer fight, the shield will last much longer than intended.