Ring of Regeneration heals the player for 1 HP at the start of every floor.

In addition to potentially being found in chests and shops, bombing an inactive Shrine of Blood will also yield a Ring of Regeneration.

Notable Interactions Edit

  • Spells - Allows for heavier reliance on blood magic.
  • Blood ShovelBlood Shovel - Provides extra health for blood digging.
  • Blood drumBlood Drum - Provides extra fuel for safely dispatching high-health mini-bosses and bosses.
  • Shrine of Risk - Prevents deaths to Shrine of Risk's persistent damage effect.
  • Nodlc Shrine of Pace - Provides a safety net for floors where the player fails to meet the speed quota.

Strategy Edit

Ring of Regeneration is a very straightforward safety ring that does an excellent job at keeping the player alive, especially when coupled with decent armor. It pairs excellently with shrines and items that require health to use. Ring of Regeneration + Blood Shovel is notably strong for score runs, as it allows the player to dig more shop walls, but it's also very strong in speed runs as well, whether fueling aggressive blood magic usage, or simply allowing the player to ignore nearby enemies and tank some extra hits.