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Ring of Mana gives kills quadruple value towards spell recharges while equipped. In addition, it changes spells to their more powerful versions, where available.

Notable Interactions

  • Bomb Spell - 4x faster recharge.
  • Fireball Spell - 4x faster recharge. Deals 8 damage instead of 3.
  • Freeze Spell - 4x faster recharge. Affects the entire map, lasts 15 beats instead of 7.
  • Heal Spell - 4x faster recharge.
  • Shield Spell -  4x faster recharge. Lasts 20 beats instead of 10.
  • Transmute Spell - 4x faster recharge. Affects all items on the current floor.


Ring of Mana is a ring of extremes. Without any spells on hand, Ring of Mana is absolutely useless. With the right spells, however, it can be the most overpowered item in the game. The faster recharge on Bomb, Heal, and Transmute Spells is very strong, especially in score runs. Fireball becomes a very powerful spell in most situations when amplified with Ring of Mana, especially since kills made by the Fireball spell contribute towards its own recharge. If the Fireball kills at least 3 enemies, it will immediately be ready to cast again. However, Ring of Mana shines the most with Freeze and Shield spells. With either one of these spells, the player will usually be able to keep either a frozen or shielded state active at all times. This is especially easy with weapons that attack while moving, such as Rapiers, Cat-o-Nine-Tails, and Melody's Golden Lute.

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