Effects Edit

  • Nodlc Increases the floor's item tier by 2, increasing the chance of finding higher-tiered items in containers and shops.
  • Prevents Bats from attacking the player (unless they have no other movement option).
  • Guarantees success when using the Shrine of Chance.
  • Amplified dlc When entering new floors, Barrels and Crates with food, bombs, and gold piles contain the best version of it. Barrels and Crates can no longer contain enemies.
    • NecrodancerFoodFood becomes Food hamHam.
    • Consumables bombBomb becomes Bomb 33 Bombs.
    • Gold piles become 50 gold piles.

Notable Interactions Edit

  • Nodlc Charm luckyLucky Charm - Stacks with the item tier boost, giving a total boost of +3.

Strategy Edit

Ring of Luck's "find better items" trait is unreliable due to the random nature of item generation, and is typically better described as "find different items". The ring does not affect items that have already been spawned, so it needs to be worn prior to the start of a floor to affect that floor's items. Ring of Luck can, however, be picked up mid-level to boost the quality of items produced by a Conjurer, Transmogrifier, or Transmute Spell on that floor.

Generally, the semi-immunity to bats is the most consistently positive aspect to Ring of Luck, especially against Zone 4's Black Bats. With Ring of Luck equipped, the player is usually safe to ignore bats and focus on properly handling more dangerous enemies.