Ring of Gold causes enemies that normally drop gold to drop one additional gold. In addition, all gold on the floor is auto-collected whenever the player moves.

Notable Interactions Edit

  • Gold Weapons - Triggers infinite damage every time Ring of Gold auto-collects gold.
  • Amplified dlc Token shopkeeperShopkeeper Familiar - Harder to heal by gold piles due to the effect of auto-collecting golds. Healing happens only in the beat that a gold pile generates exactly in the position of Shopkeeper Familiar.

Strategy Edit

Ring of Gold has very obvious benefits in the context of score runs, especially for Eli. Not only does additional gold drop, but the time saved by not needing to move onto every gold pile is remarkable. This saves the player from some of the gold drain effect of the Crown of Greed.

While much less useful in a speed run context, Ring of Gold can have some interesting and potentially powerful interactions with golden weapons, allowing the player to rack up multiple consecutive infinite-damage strikes.