Ring of Courage increases weapon damage by 1 (Amplified dlc no longer increases damage). Whenever the player attacks and kills an enemy with their weapon, Ring of Courage will move the player in the direction of their attack, making the player invulnerable for that beat.

Notable Interactions Edit

  • Weapon rapierRapiers / Amplified dlc AxeAxes - Stacks with the movement from a lunge attack, pushing the player forward two tiles in one beat on a successful kill.
  • Weapon catCat o' Nine Tails - Stacks with the movement on move-attacks, pushing the player forward two tiles in one beat on a successful kill.
  • Feet boots painBoots of Pain - Can damage additional enemies after the courage dash. Note that while the player is normally invincible here, hitting a Pixie in this fashion will damage the player (unless Head blast helmBlast Helm is held).

Strategy Edit

Ring of Courage is an extremely powerful item when used properly. Courage plays especially well with weapons that hit multiple tiles, as it greatly increases the chance of securing a kill (and invincibility) on every attack. This makes Longswords, Broadswords, and especially Flails excellent partners for Ring of Courage. Weapons that bypass enemy defenses (such as the Dagger of Frost and Dagger of Phasing) also have an easier time keeping their users safe by securing easy kills.

Caution needs to be used around ice, however, as an unexpected dash can easily send the player sliding to their death. Lead Boots and Winged Boots do an excellent job of protecting against this. In zone 4, the player needs to be similarly cautious not only around Ooze tiles, but also Gargoyles. For instance, an attack from a broadsword that both kills a Harpy and an exploding Gargoyle will still allow the resulting explosion to damage the player.

Due to a bug, Ring of Courage is unexpectedly powerful in score runs as well. Killing an enemy standing on top of an already existing gold pile will cause the player do dash onto the gold, collecting it once before the freshly killed enemy adds its gold to the pile, and then again afterwards. Careful enemy manipulation can allow piles of several hundred gold to be duplicated in this fashion.