Ring of Becoming has no beneficial effect in itself, causing the player to die in one hit. Transmuting it produces the Ring of Wonder.

Notable Interactions Edit

  • Glass Armor / Crown of Teleportation / Frost Charm / Amplified dlc Heavy Glass Armor - Protects against the inherent fragility granted by Ring of Becoming.
  • Rings / Amplified dlc Scatter Traps - Allows player to get rid of Ring of Becoming for safety purpose.
  • Transmute Spell/Scroll / Transmogrifier - Always turns Ring of Becoming into Ring of Wonder. Note that the Ring of Becoming must be on the floor for the spell to affect it.

Strategy Edit

The inherent danger of equipping Ring of Becoming makes it difficult to justify using in both survival and speed oriented runs unless it can be promptly transmogrified. However, the Ring of Wonder is by far the strongest option available in score runs, making the associated risk usually worth taking in this case. Items that prevent damage entirely, such as Glass Armor, Crown of Teleportation, and Frost Charm are very helpful in offsetting the potential danger.