Not to be confused with Amplified dlc Cursed potionCursed Potion.

Effects Edit

  • Refills your health when you reach 0 hearts (essentially granting a second life).

Notes Edit

  • Potion can only be found surrounded by stone walls or catacomb walls. At most one potion room spawns in any all zones run. Does not spawn in any other way.
  • Characters cannot keep two potions simutaneously. If a character already has one potion and finds another one on the floor, the potion on the floor will not be overridden but cannot be picked up as well, until the holding potion is quaffed.
  • Potion CANNOT protect these following deaths:
    • Cowardice -
      • Will not revive weapon-fixed characters (Melody, Aria, Eli, Dove, Coda) if they attempt to get another weapons.
      • Will not revive Dove if she doesn't reach to the next floor while the song ended.
    • Amplified dlc Mary's Curse - Will not revive Mary if her lamb is killed.
    • Amplified dlc Tempo's Curse - Will not revive Tempo if his countdown goes to zero.
    • Vow of Poverty - Will not revive Monk and Coda if he steps on gold.
  • Amplified dlc Same as most items, Potion cannot be activated either when Nocturna is in Bat form, since all the items other than spells are deactivated, which may cause a potion potentially being wasted.