The Locked Shop is a shop that appears once per run that requires a bomb or Ring of Phasing to enter. The Locked Shop contains things not normally found in the Coin Shop, such as rare weapons, footgear, and charms. A floor containing a Locked Shop is guaranteed to have at least one available bomb pickup.

The Locked Shop pool is not dependent on item level.

LockedShopChance Edit

Type Item Chance
Misc Bag of Holding 50
Boots Ballet Shoes 100
Ring Becoming 5
Gun Blunderbuss 25
Blood Bow 25
Glass Bow 15
Golden Bow 50
Obsidian Bow 15
Titanium Bow 100
Bow 100
Glass Broadsword 100
Obsidian Broadsword 100
Glass Cat 100
Obsidian Cat 100
Head Circlet 10
Blood Crossbow 10
Glass Crossbow 10
Golden Crossbow 1
Titanium Crossbow 100
Crossbow 100
Glass Dagger 5
Misc Empty Heart Container 120
Misc Empty Heart Container X2 60
Glass Flail 100
Obsidian Flail 100
Charm Frost 15
Charm Gluttony 15
Misc Heart Container 80
Misc Heart Container X2 40
Boots Leaping 25
Glass Longsword 100
Obsidian Longsword 100
Boots Lunging 1
Charm Nazar 15
Armor Obsidian 100
Boots Pain 100
Ring Phasing 10
Charm Protection 15
Glass Rapier 100
Obsidian Rapier 100
Gun Rifle 25
Charm Risk 15
Glass Spear 100
Obsidian Spear 100
Charm Strength 15
Heart Transplant 100
Glass Whip 100
Boots Winged 100

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