Lead Boots protect the player from assorted floor hazards, including bounce traps, spike traps, ice, and ooze. Lead Boots also protect against most forms of forced player movement, including Tar Monsters, Wind Spells, and recoil (Shovemonsters can still move the player).

Notable Interactions Edit

  • Weapon blunderbussBlunderbuss / Weapon rifleRifle - Negates the recoil effect on shot.

Strategy Edit

Lead Boots offer strong protection against many hazards, including some that even the Winged Boots do nothing against. They make an excellent complement to guns, eliminating both the need to walk forward after every shot and the risk of recoiling into enemy attacks. The ability to walk over spike traps allow the player to walk through trap rooms with ease, luring troublesome enemies to their deaths on spike traps.

Against Skeleton Mages, Lead Boots change the dynamics of the fight considerably, as any mage two tiles away from the player will unsuccessfully attempt to pull the player towards them. This can be exploited to keep them in one spot while dealing with more dangerous threats, but the lack of pull can make them difficult to approach with short ranged, low damage weapons.

As Lead Boots are fairly common, inexpensive, and protect against arguably the most dangerous hazards in the game (ice and ooze), they are a very solid option and usually a great pick for any build, regardless of the player's goal.

There is no visual indicator that lead boots are equipped, so it's important to not forget you have them if they haven't done anything in a while. As Aria, this can easily lead to dying to a missed beat if you step on ice and don't push any buttons expecting to slide.