Item Chance Edit

The chance of an item appearing on any given level is based on multiple factors. Every item has listed chances for the different pools they can appear:

chanceType Item pool

Red Chest, Purple Chest, Black Chest, or normal Mimic Chests.

shopChance Shops and Monstrous Shops .
lockedChestChance Blue chest mimics, barrels, and crates.
LockedShopChance Locked shops, which require a bomb to enter.
UrnChance These items show up in Urns, along with food and a spell.

These values are listed in whole numbers, sometimes with multiple values separated by pipes that represent the chance of various item levels.

Item Level Edit

Item level is based on the current floor, but can be modified by the Ring of Luck (+2 Item Level), the Lucky Charm (+1 item level), or secret shops. There are 7 item levels in total, but not all are used. Since the game is balanced around single zones mode, item level decreases when you enter a new zone. Here are all of the item levels and the floor they correlate to.

1 2 3 4 5









Boss 1




Boss 2

Boss 3

Boss 4

Levels 6 and 7 only matter when shopping on Item Level 4 with Ring of Luck (+2) or Ring of Luck plus Lucky Charm (+3 total)

The following things also affect item level:

Shrine/Shop +Item Level
Arena +2
Blood Shop +2
Shrine of Risk +2
Shrine of Sacrifice +2
Transmog Shop +1

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