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Headwear items are equipped in the "Head" slot. The player can only equip one headwear item at a time; picking up new headwear drops the player's current one.

Name Effect Notes
Head miners cap
Miner's Cap

Causes walls in the front, left and right tiles around the player to automatically be dug.

Increases digging level by 1.
Makes the player's light radius behave as with torches (still 2 tiles long).

Makes it impossible to perform "tactical digs". The player can still dig normally with the Pickaxe if the wall isn't destroyed first.
Tools with a digging level of 3 combined with the Miner's Cap will not destroy shop walls or any walls stronger than that.

If used with the Blood Shovel, the player will still take damage from digging non-dirt tiles.

Head monocle

Allows the player to see Wraiths, Wights, Ghasts, and Ghouls and all items on the level, including those behind walls and in containers. Shows what item a shrine will drop if it is bombed. Allows the player to determine whether or not a crate or barrel has items in it.

Also shows walls that contain diamonds (or gold piles for All Zones Mode runs) or travel runes, even where the player does not have vision.

Head circlet telepathy
Telepathy Circlet

Allows the player to see all monsters and NPCs, even where they do not have vision. Does not alert enemies of the player's presence.
Head helmet

Provides 0.5 armor rating. Stacks with other armor items.
Head crown of thorns
Crown of Thorns

Heals 0.5 health for every 10 enemies killed.

Deals 0.5 damage to the player upon picking up (this damage cannot be prevented).

The number of kills needed for a heal is halved when combined with a blood weapon.
Head crown of greed
Crown of Greed

Doubles all gold pick ups, but drains 1 gold per beat.

Drops from the Shopkeeper only.
Will always kill the Monk upon picking up.

Crown of teleportation
Crown of Teleporation

When the player gets hit, teleports them into the shop (if not possible – into random location), effectively preventing the damage, then shatters. Glass items will not break when the player is hit while wearing this.
Head glass jaw
Glass Jaw

Doubles the damage dealt by the player's attack (including bonuses from the equipment), but kills the player if they are hit. Total attack's damage can be calculated by this formula:
(weapon's base damage + damage bonuses) × 2 = total attack damage

If the player wears Karate Gi, the formula is:
((weapon's base damage × 2) + damage bonuses) × 2 = total attack damage

Having a damage preventing item or Potion equipped or using the Shield spell or Shield Scroll will protect the player from the fragility.

Head blast helm
Blast Helm

Makes the player immune to the damage from explosions, as well as detonating any placed bombs immediately (on the same beat that they are placed).
Gives 3 Bombs when picked up for the first time.

Being hit by any explosion (from bombs detonated by the player or otherwise) gives the player 2 frames of invincibility.

Also immediately detonates bombs placed with the Bomb spell.

Head sunglasses

Increases attack damage by 1, but enemies and NPCs appear as silhouettes. The gameplay option "Always Show Enemy Hearts" does not work when the Sunglasses are equipped.

Amplified (DLC)Edit

Name Effect Notes
Head spiked ears
Spiked Ears

Increases attack damage by 2. The player does not trigger tempo traps and cannot be deafened. Breaks upon a missed beat. Does not break when taking damage.

Does not break when falling through trapdoors.

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