Hargreaves add armor, reducing damage intake by 0.5 HP on each hit.

Notable Interactions Edit

  • Obsidian Armor - Due to a bug, Hargreaves do NOT properly stack with the defense provided by Obsidian Armor, effectively rendering the Hargreaves useless.

Strategy Edit

Hargreaves are a simple damage reduction, allowing the player to tank additional hits. This is made much more effective if stacked with other defense-boosting items, such as most types of armor, Helm, Protection Charm, or Ring of Protection.

While Hargreaves are certainly better than nothing, the hazard immunity provided by alternative footwear such as Explorer's Boots, Lead Boots, or Winged Boots will usually do a much better job of ensuring the player's survival.

Trivia Edit

These were named after video game streamer Cody Hargreaves.[1]


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