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Damage is any means by which a unit's (i.e. the player, NPC, or a monster) current health can be reduced.

All forms of damage in Crypt of the NecroDancer are classified by damage types. There are 3 damage types: Normal, Piercing and Phasing.

Normal DamageEdit

Normal Damage is the most common type of damage in the game. It is the damage type of attacks of all monsters, traps, spells, bombs, special equipment (Holy Water, Boots of Pain, Boots of Lunging and Infernal Torch) and almost all weapons. It doesn't have any specific traits.

Piercing DamageEdit

Piercing Damage is able to damage certain enemies through their defense (e.g. Armored Skeletons' shields).

Piercing does its damage through the defense of the following monsters:

ArmadilloArmadillo yellowOrange Armadillo Armadillos; ArmoredskeletonArmoredskeleton yellowArmoredskeleton black Armored Skeletons; BeetleBeetle2 Beetles; SkeletonknightSkeletonknight2Skeletonknight3 Skeleton Knights; Apprentice BlademasterMonster Blademaster Blademasters; Death metal Death Metal; Devil1Devil2 Devils; Orc1Orc2Orc3 Orcs; and Skull1Skull2Skull3 Skulls.

The sources of Piercing Damage are Weapon crossbow Crossbows, Weapon blunderbuss Blunderbuss, Weapon rifle Rifle, Weapon dagger frost Dagger of Frost, Ring piercing Ring of Piercing, and Token rat Rat familiar.

Phasing DamageEdit

Phasing Damage can damage all enemies without any restrictions. It can, for example, damage Fake Walls without retreating or damage Wights inside of walls.

Phasing is able to do everything that piercing damage can do, as well as damage the following monsters with no limitations:

Ghost Ghosts; TrapchestTrapchest lockedTrapchest white Chest Mimics; Mole Moles; Tarmonster Tar Monsters; Wight Wights; FakewallFakewall2 Fake Walls; Ghast Ghasts; Cauldron coals mimic Cauldron Mimics; Ghoul Ghouls; Spider Spiders; Gargoyle2 Gargoyle Mimics; File:Placeholder.png Octoboss; King conga seated King Conga; Dead Ringer Dead Ringer; Zombie2 Electric Zombies; Lightning mage1Lightning mage2Lightning mage3 Lightning Mages' lightning orbs; Gorgon petrified Gorgons; Crate mimic Crate Mimics; Barrel mimic Barrel Mimics; Shrine mimic Shrine Mimics; File:Placeholder.png Fortissimole.

The only source of Phasing Damage is Weapon dagger phasing Dagger of Phasing.

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