Normal material:


  • Deals 1 damage per hit.

Blood material:


  • Deals 1 damage per hit.
  • Replenishes 0.5 Heart half health for every 10 enemies killed.
  • Increases attack damage by 999 if the player is at 0.5 hearts of health.


  • Killing monsters contributes to a counter displayed below the weapon.
  • Killing passive Green Mushrooms in Zone 2 and Cauldrons in Zone 3 will still count toward healing.
  • Used in tandem with the Head crown of thornsCrown of Thorns, the player recovers 0.5 Heart half health every 5 kills instead of 10.

Gold material:


  • Deals 1 damage per hit.
  • Monsters drop 1 additional gold when killed.
  • Increases attack damage by 999 for one beat after collecting any amount of gold.


  • Bonus gold is affected by the Groove Chain multiplier.
  • Monsters in boss fights will drop 1 gold.

Glass material:


  • Deals 4 damage per hit.
  • Breaks if the player takes damage or throws the weapon, leaving a Weapon dagger shardGlass Shard on the ground.

Titanium material:


  • Deals 2 damage per hit.

Obsidian material:


  • Deals damage depending on the current Groove Chain multiplier (1-3).

Glass Shard is identical to Dagger thumbnailBase Dagger. It is a makeshift weapon which appears when a Glass weapon breaks. It can be found on the tile where the player was hit.
Can be Thrown.

Dagger has several special variants:

  • Weapon dagger frostDagger of Frost
  • Dagger of Phasing thumbnailDagger of Phasing
  • Weapon dagger jeweledJeweled Dagger
  • Amplified dlc Weapon electric daggerElectric Dagger

Check their individual page for details.

Dagger is a basic weapon in game. Most of the character starts with a Dagger thumbnailBase Dagger.

Effects Edit

Range dagger

Weapon Range of Dagger

  • Deals damage to enemy that is adjacent to the character.
  • When thrown, deals piercing damage to every enemies in the thrown directions until it reached to a wall.