coinCost specifies the base value of an item. In single zones mode, items cost their base coinCost. Since All Zones mode is longer, allowing you to get more gold, each zone has a multiplier for coinCost. The multipliers are as follows:

Zone/Shop Multiplier
Zone 1 2.5x
Zone 2 3.0x
Zone 3 3.5x
Zone 4 4.0x
Glass Shop 1.25x
Locked Shop 1.25x
Dungeon Master 0.10x
Pawnbroker (sell) 0.50x

BloodShop Prices Edit

coinCost also determines blood shop prices. The ranges for All Zones Mode are as follows:

coinCost HP Cost
1-20 0.5 HP
25-100 1.0 HP
120-400 1.5 HP
500+ 2.0 HP

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