Bestiary cadence
Character Information
Starting Health 3 Hearts
Starting Weapon Dagger
Starting Item(s) Default
Unlocking Default Character
Music Danny B

Cadence is the protagonist of Crypt of the Necrodancer. She is a young explorer who went to the crypt in search of her father, Dorian.

She is unlocked by default.

Rules and Restrictions Edit

As the base character, she does not have any starting bonus nor malus in any way.

She starts with 3 Hearts (can be increased by buying heart container in the Lobby), a basic dagger and a basic shovel.

As she is cursed by the Necrodancer, she is totally dependent on the zone music's beat.

Starts with 1 Damage, 1 Vision Radius, 1 Dig, 0 armor.

Strategy Edit

Items Edit

Since Cadence starts in pretty weak condition, the player has to avoid the level's Boss/Mini-Boss as long as they did not manage to gear up through buying better equipment in shops or through chests.

Trivia Edit

  • Her age is unknown, but it is probable she's no more 17-18 years old, as she was still a growing child two years before the main events of the game.

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