Boots of Pain deal 3 damage to the tile in front of the player whenever they move. This includes basic movement, move-attacks, bounce traps, wind spells, shove monsters, ice, and Ring of Courage's effect, but not teleport effects. Stepping on a diagonal bounce trap will always cause Boots of Pain to attack horizontally rather than diagonally.

Boots of Pain deal 1.5 HP damage to the player every time they are picked up. This damage is impossible to prevent and as such will not trigger damage-prevention effects such as Glass Armor, Frost Charm, Ring of Shielding, or Crown of Teleportation.

Notable Interactions Edit

  • Rapier - Boots of Pain trigger after a Rapier deals damage with its lunge attack. Due to a bug, using a lunge attack against a rolling armadillo allows Boots of Pain to damage it, usually killing it. When lunging against an Ooze Golem, the spawning ooze prevents Boots of Pain's effect from triggering.
  • Ring of Courage - Killing an enemy with your weapon (non-weapon kills such as with Boots of Pain will NOT trigger the ring) will move you forward, potentially triggering Boots of Pain. While Ring of Courage normally grants invincibility for this movement, hitting a Pixie with Boots of Pain in this way can still cause damage.

Strategy Edit

Boots of Pain are a high source of damage, but very build-dependent. They are very useful for opening crates and urns, usually providing food to refund the initial health cost of equipping them. Be careful not to pick up any other boots unless the Boots of Pain are no longer needed - putting them back on will cost another 1.5 HP.

Boots of Pain are best paired with short-ranged weapons, such as Daggers, Broadswords, Flails, or Cat-o-Nine-Tails. They pair exceptionally well with Rapiers, as a lunge attack will trigger the Boots of Pain's effect in the process, resulting in huge amounts of total damage. Using a forward-reach weapon such as Spears, Longswords, or Bows will make Boots of Pain considerably harder to activate, generally making them only reliable for opening containers. With these weapons, replacing Boots of Pain is usually recommended.

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