Boots of Lunging cause the player to move four tiles instead of one, whenever possible. If the player runs into an enemy during a long jump, Boots of Lunging deal 4 damage and knock the enemy back one tile, preventing them from acting that beat. Ooze does NOT prevent this attack from triggering.

The quadruple movement effect can be toggled on and off with up+down. Due to this, throwing Daggers and Spears is not possible with Boots of Lunging equipped.

 Notable Interactions Edit

  • Daggers/Spears - Cannot be thrown while Boots of Lunging are equipped.
  • Cat-o-Nine-Tails - Allows the player to move a single tile by move-attacking an enemy, even if Boots of Lunging are toggled on.
  • Crossbows/Guns - Prevents the player from toggling the Boots of Lunging unless fully loaded.
  • Boots of Leaping - Shares toggle states. Toggling Boots of Leaping OR Boots of Lunging off will set the other to be toggled off when initially picked up.
  • Ring of Phasing - Moving through directly adjacent walls forces single-tile movement, but moving multiple tiles upon exiting a wall (dealing lunge damage in the process) is allowed. Unlike with Boots of Leaping, walls will always cut off a lunge, making a multi-tile jump directly into a wall impossible.

Strategy Edit

Boots of Lunging are arguably the most powerful but most difficult item to use in the game. Their quadruple movement with built-in move-attack allows for some very fast clears, but their high speed often makes them unwieldy and unpredictable, especially when moving vertically. While they're generally best left disabled most of the time for safety's sake, the lunge attack does have some very simple yet strong applications:

  • Blademasters cannot parry lunge attacks, allowing for much easier kills.
  • Lunge attacks push passive shopkeepers without damaging them, allowing the player to push them out of the shop and take items for free.
  • Lunge attacks can easily open crates, barrels, and urns.
  • Lunging saves a lot of time entering and exiting boss arenas, where there are no enemies to threaten the player.

While not at all recommended when playing purely for survival, Lunging does make for a respectable (if difficult to use) option in both speed and score runs.

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