Boots of Leaping cause the player to move two tiles instead of one, whenever possible, and protect the player from the effects of water and tar. The double movement effect can be toggled on and off with up+down. Due to this, throwing Daggers and Spears is not possible with Boots of Leaping equipped.

Dorian starts with Boots of Leaping and can never replace them.

While available through locked chests and locked shops, Boots of Leaping can also be obtained on most characters by bombing a Shrine of Pace.

Notable Interactions Edit

  • Daggers/Spears - Cannot be thrown while Boots of Leaping are equipped.
  • Cat-o-Nine-Tails - Allows the player to move a single tile by move-attacking an enemy, even if Boots of Leaping are toggled on.
  • Crossbows/Guns - Prevents the player from toggling the Boots of Leaping unless fully loaded.
  • Boots of Lunging - Shares toggle states. Toggling Boots of Leaping OR Boots of Lunging off will set the other to be toggled off when initially picked up.
  • Ring of Phasing - Moving through directly adjacent walls prevents double movement, but jumping two tiles out of or into walls is allowed. Jumping directly between two walls separated by open space is also possible. Jumping two tiles into a door causes the player to phase into the door, eliminating the need to open it.

Strategy Edit

Boots of Leaping are very tricky to use, requiring the player to pay attention to a much larger area to ensure they're not leaping directly into danger. The immunity to water and tar isn't the primary purpose of Leaping, but it is occasionally helpful in the early game, as well as in fights against Coral Riff and the Pawnbroker. Boots of Leaping's double movement is especially useful against The NecroDancer, allowing Cadence to easily catch him before he has a chance to unleash any potentially deadly spells.

Boots of Leaping can pair well with almost any weapon type, though all with distinct advantages and disadvantages. Daggers allow for high mobility, letting the player jump in and out of danger quickly without concern for getting unexpectedly caught on enemies. Long forward-reaching weapons help protect the player against leaping directly into damaging enemies, but prevents the player from jumping into enemies for occasionally necessary one-tile movements. Cats allow for single-tile movements, even with Leaping enabled, by attacking nearby enemies. Rifle allows the player to use the inherent recoil effect for single-tile movements without the need to disable Leaping.

Due to the high amount of skill needed to utilize Boots of Leaping, taking them is not recommended when aiming purely for survival. In both score and speed runs, however, Leaping is a fairly strong option, as double movement helps score runners minimize coin bleed to the Crown of Greed and allows speed runners to reach the exit much more quickly.