Bestiary bolt
Character Information
Starting Health HeartHeartHeart
Starting Weapon Weapon spearSpear
Starting Item(s) Tool shovelShovel
Charm nazarNazar Charm
Unlocking Complete Zone 4 as Monk
Music Danny B

Bolt is a character of unknown origin.

Bolt is unlocked by completing Zone 4 with Monk.

Rules and Restrictions Edit

Bolt starts with a Shovel, Spear, Nazar Charm, and Bomb.

While Bolt is in play, all beat-maps are doubled. This results in all characters moving twice as fast.

All Red Bats and Black Bats are replaced with Blue Bats, though Green Bats are left unchanged.

Bolt can find all shrines, shops, and items except Spear (which they already start with) and Ballet Shoes.

Strategy Edit

Items Edit

As Bolt works more or less like a faster Cadence, most items are fair game. Weapons with long forward reach are significantly easier to use for Bolt. Spears, Longswords, Bows, Crossbows, and Rapiers are all good options for this. Even Bolt's starting spear can be very useful already. Titanium weapons are often considered more valuable than their Obsidian counterparts, as maintaining a maxed out multiplier can prove very difficult. Heart Transplant can be very valuable, especially against Death Metal and King Konga.

Combat Edit

Combat works pretty much exactly the same as for Cadence, but at double tempo. Since Bolt starts with a Spear, they have the option of keeping enemies at a distance from the beginning. If keeping the high tempo is proving difficult in tense situations, Bolt can stand still and skip beats, waiting for enemies to come within reach before poking them with the Spear.

Trivia Edit

  • Due to a bug, Shrine of Phasing will remove Bolt's Nazar Charm.
  • As stated on Ted Martens' Twitter[1], Bolt is genderqueer and prefers pronouns they/them[2].
  • Bolt's all zones mode completion achievement, Tachycardia, means an abnormally quick heart rate.

References Edit


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