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Armor includes items that are equipped in the "Body" slot. The player can only equip one piece of armor at a time.

Most armor pieces and some other items (Helmet, Hargreaves, Ring of Protection, Ring of Wonder and Charm of Protection) add to the player's armor rating. Any damage taken by the player is reduced by the armor rating to a minimum of 0.5.

Picking up armor with higher rating overwrites the lower one. Picking up Karate Gi, Glass Armor or Obsidian Armor drops the current equipped armor piece.

Armor Armor Rating Notes

0 Because no one wants to fight naked.
Armor leather
Leather Armor

Armor chainmail

Armor platemail
Plate Armor

Armor heavyplate
Heavy Plate

2 The player does not trigger movement traps and becomes immune to knockback/pull effects (like recoil from the Blunderbuss or the "Wind Spell!" of Skeleton Mages). The player will still slide on ice while wearing this.
Armor gi
Karate Gi

0 Doubles the damage dealt to the player but their weapon's base damage is also doubled.
Armor glass
Glass Armor

Prevents all damage from one hit, then breaks. Other glass items will not break when the player is hit.
Armor obsidian
Obsidian Armor

0.5/1/1.5 Increases armor rating depending on the level of the Groove Chain multiplier. Bug: ignores the first non-armor defense item (like a helm).
Armor platemail dorian
Dorian's Plate Armor

1.5 Functions identically to regular Plate Armor. Dorian starts with this item; it can not be found any other way.

Amplified (DLC)Edit

Armor Armor Rating Notes
Armor quartz
Quartz Armor

Special The maximum damage you can take from a single attack is 1. Damage reduction from Quartz Armor is applied after damage reduction from armor rating. Attacks that normally deal 0.5 damage are not affected.
Armor heavy glass
Heavy Glass Armor

Prevents all damage from three hits, then breaks. Other glass items will not break when the player is hit.

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